Time:2018-6-15 16:55:58

On a hot summer day, there are so many clothes and pants in the wardrobe this season, but they still feel they have no clothes to wear, and you have to start a very popular yellow dress this summer. Yellow clothes give people a beautiful feeling and freshness. In summer, a matching upper body can relax.

The upper-body yellow dress, the traditional round-necked version, with stylish lotus-leaf sleeves and edges, gives the dress a sweet look. The fresh flowers and three dimensional flowers on the chest are decorated with fringes to make the dress more eye-catching. With a pair of white shoes, bright youth, coupled with a pair of high heeled black characters, brilliant!

This yellow shoulder skirt, a hollowed-out shoulder design and lotus leaf sleeve decoration, can easily cover the arm muscles, making the clothes more visual. The jacquard design of the fabric is rich in texture, high in body size and high in waist. Wearing a pair of black high-heeled sandals, full of beauty.

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