Time:2018-6-15 16:52:36

In summer, every girl should enjoy sunscreen except all kinds of body seasons. Whether it's a positive mask, a necessary sunscreen, or a basic sunscreen, sunscreen, there's not a single word of tanning, which is a common goal for every girl. The so-called "white cover" ugly, since jealousy can not be other people's natural cream-white skin, then try to start from the daily clothes, let yourself show white!

Warm yellow makes people feel comfortable and comfortable, small and refreshing. White or very white. A simple T-shirt skirt is full of fashion and leisure. Lotus leaf sleeve design is loose, and ingeniously shields the small thick arm. The existence of embroidered flowers in clothing is also full of fresh and refreshing sweetness. The waistline design is more unique. Simple and easy skirt design is outlined by lotus leaf, full of sweet and full of fashion sense.

Besides yellow, there is also everyday white. Fresh white is very comfortable and summer is more popular. No meat, goodbye, pain, sleeveless style is definitely a good choice. The outline of the spun yarn and lace makes the whole feeling sweet and elegant. The shape design of human body is more outstanding. The design of the skirt is light, transparent, more subtle and sexy. The goddess is perfect.

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