Time:2018-6-15 16:51:59

It is said that green clothes will have a cool feeling, this is not a small editor bought a lot of light-colored clothes, but the first few days to see a big V said that light-colored clothes are not a point of cooling effect, is it really so? How does the fairy dress match?

Light-colored clothes in summer clothes are still popular. This big sun, weather, do not want to wear black or red clothes, look at skirts, feel that the whole person is getting hotter and hotter, so small editors still recommend some green or blue system. Clothes can also feel very cool on the thighs.

How do you wear clothes with green elements? Here is a pure green shoulder dress, with white green printing and wide legs, two color matching effect is very good, the fairy chose this style of clothes in summer, the fairy quickly tried on the effect of this dress, really not cool?

When it comes to how to wear cool clothes, clothes are of course necessary for money to be fairies. This is a long skirt with lotus leaves. The effect is amazing. The fairy tried to match the white of a pair of high-heeled shoes, which made the whole dress a dress. It becomes more elegant. No, you can try.

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